Friday, March 17, 2006

Flea Market Booty

Ahhhhhh....the flea market.

The flea market came to town the other week. The days leading up to the event I tend to fantasize at what I might find there. (That's sad, I know.) Will I find a sweet "Sectaurs" action figure at the bottom of a box filled with hordes of Happy Meal crap? Will I find a copy of Howard the Duck #13 in a fifty cent box of comics? Who knows the prizes or disappointments that await me?

I've got a system to scouring the grounds of the flea market.

I usually arrive and come in thrugh the front. In the front you find some of the more strange merchants; people selling shirt with wildlife animals on them, guys who will clean your jewelry with their special serum, the japanese family who sells boxed baking goods and everything from toothbrushes to bootleg, unauthorized Spiderman knockoffs, the psychic ladies who will read your palms, and guys with mullets selling NASCAR stuff.

I quickly weave my way throught these aisles occassionally being "tempted" by a vendor to have my wedding ring cleaned, or buy a fake fish mounted on a piece of wood that will sing a stupid song when you walk past it. These aisles prove quite fruitless.

The flea market rear is where my destiny lay. This is the "Antique and Collectible" section. Usually there's a guy named John who has boxes upon boxes of fifty cent comics. (I might add that that my raiding a box of fifty cent comics has become to me a hint of glory divine believers will drink deeply of in Heaven.)

I reached my destiny. Didn't find much. I passed on the fifty cent comics this time. I guess I wasn't FULLY convinced that I NEEDED a copy of the comic book adaption of "The Last Starfighter"#2. I DID find a cool Voltron "Pidge" action figure (left) for fifty cents and a Secret Wars "Baron Zemo" figure. As a kid, I had the full collection of Voltron figures, so it brought back some good memories. On the other hand, I never had Baron Zemo as a kid. I got him for $1.00 with his belt intact.

My daughter found a yellow "Care Bear" keychain for seventy five cents. My other daughter found a purble bouncey ball with bumps that caught her affections. My wife, unsurprisingly, didn't find anything. Though a couple years ago, she almost bowed to the pressure of buying some jewelry cleaning serum. (I think she felt obligated since the nice man cleaned her wedding ring for free.)

Next week, the Flea Market returns!

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a bit sad that I saw the photo of the toys and immediately thought, "Voltron." I actually own a copy of THE LAST STARFIGHTER #2. I bought it new when it came out from Books Comics and Things. I remember that the comic originally cost $.60 and I paid with dimes that I was able to save up in my piggy bank.

Bert Ehrmann