Friday, July 28, 2006

The Refrigerator of Nosferatu

I made my first report to the Better Business Bureau yesterday. I made the complaint after a near four week saga to get our refrigerator properly fixed. Since it makes for an interesting saga, I thought I'd post my complaint. It gives a play by play.

For conscience sake, I've replaced the business name as well as the name of the serviceman.

(Appliance Store) first came out on Friday, June 30 to look at our refrigerator. Gus, the technician didn't find anything immediate that he thought was wrong, so he put a bead of silicone somewhere in our refrigerator then charged us $73.00 for his visit.

The next day, our refrigerator went out and we were forced to put all our food in coolers and at in-law's house. Gus came out several more times during the coming weeks trying to determine what was wrong with the refrigerator.

Nearly 2 weeks of dawdling after the initial visit they agreed to take the refrigerator into the shop. (I wish they would have just done this the first or second time they had come out.) We were told by Gus they would pick it up on Friday, the 14. After waiting the better part of the day we discovered they weren't going to come until Monday. The customer service lady on the phone at (Appliance Store) was completely cold and unsympathetic about the mix-up.

Monday, the 17th rolled around (after another weekend without a refrigerator). (Appliance Store) picked up our refrigerator and were nice enough to give us a "loner" refrigerator. This would have been a nice gesture, (they said they were the only ones in town who offered this service). The only problem was that the "loner" refrigerator was from the 1970s, was filthy, smelled like rotten food, stunk up our house, and had food still in one of its drawers. It took my wife close to an hour to scrub down before she could even use it.

I called to complain about the putrid refrigerator they dropped off and once again, there was no apologies, no sympathy, (my wife has been at home with 3 small children during this whole nearly 3 week long ordeal). Again, this place simply would not fess up to the poor customer service they were giving us, and acted like we were expecting way too much to expect a loner refrigerator that was clean. My wife called to talk to a owner and was treated rudely once again by the customer service lady.

They told us they would have our refrigerator looked at and fixed as soon as possible.

Another week passes. On Monday, July, 24, the "loner" refrigerator stopped working. This required me to make a late night, 10:30 PM trip to the grocery store to buy ice so that our food didn't spoil.

On Tuesday, July 25, after us taking the initiative to once again call (Appliance Store), we finally received our refrigerator back. No apology. They did refund $16.00 of our original $73.00 back. The repair for our fridge was under warranty.

This has been hands-down the worst customer service experience we have ever had. (Appliance Store) just didn't seem to care, and their lack of willingness to take responsibility for poor customer service at every level shows this.

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Tallie said...

Your poor wife! The fridge has become my lot in life...I hate cleaning them out and wherever I go...there's always one to clean! I decided God is trying to work out something in my life! Pride or testing my smelling abilities or something! So yeah, I feel for out a gross fridge! Also, wow, what a hassle it sounds like YOU went through! Thanks for posting your trials...haha...I wasn't sure whether to laugh or sigh for you!