Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Christ Healing the Invalid: Part 2

Ok, making some progress here. Last night I finished inking the pencilled drawing. I'm pretty pleased with how it's going so far. Although these images focus on various aspects of Christ's life, I really wanted to them to focus on how people responded to Jesus, his miracles, and the stuff He did that blew people's socks off..

In the 4 Gospels, it always strikes me how Jesus paid attention to the kind of follks that usually make me uncomfortably or tend to look past without thinking twice about.

Christ Healing the Invalid

Here's the preliminary thumbnail for teh next piece I'm working on from the "Life of Christ" series. Every one of my pieces begins with a tiny stamp size chicken scratch sketch.

Often times, these thumbnails have a looseness and freedom to them that is much harder to reproduce on a larger sized drawing. So alot of times I'll scan the little guy, blow him up real big in Photoshop, print it out, and trace it on to a full sized piece of bristol board. More to come on this!

Friday, February 10, 2006

When Souni Got Naughty

Action figure collectors—There has never been a more wretched lot of scum and villainy.

In the mid-nineties I was at the height...or depth of my obsessive compulsive action figure collecting mania. It was Spring of 1996. I was a recent convert to the Christian faith. I was on a trip to an action figure convention somewhere in Ohio with my Laotion friend Souni.

Souni got hooked up with some sweet Transformers. I left-empty handed. (Do you know that empty feeling of wanting to want something so that you can buy something? I had that) Anyways as a last ditch effort, to buy something, we stopped at a Toys R Us on the way out of town. SURPRISE!!!! We found no good bounty there either.

Feeling that divine dissatisfaction and still looking for something to thrill us, Souni decided he was gonna "bust a jack-move" and sneak into the backroom and start looking for action figure gold. "No dude, don't do it! It's too risky!" I said.

Souni did it. As I stood there looking at some Hamburgar head Spawn figures, Souni snuck into the back room...pocket knife in hand and started cutting boxes open. Starting line-ups, Star Wars, and Spawn figures we're the objects of Souni's insatiable desire and he wasn't taking "no" for an answer.

Until I heard, "Excuse me sir, you're not allowed back here." Souni was BUSTED!

"What!?! Oh sorry." Souni said pretending to not know any better. Souni and I were then escorted to the door where we were asked to leave. On the way out the lady at the counter said something like, "I hate it when these STUPID toy conventions are in town!" Evidently Souni wasn't the first collector to think of raiding the action figure stock room.

As Souni and I walked out of the store, there was an uncmfortable silence and shame that we tried to cover up by smirking and making jokes. Kinda like getting busted for something in highschool with a friend...or when my 38 year old friend and coworker Darrel made me laugh by doing donuts in the mall parking lot over lunch and we got stopped by "mall cops" two years ago.

Souni was one of my all time favorite friends. He was as obsessed with collecting as I was and wasted as much time or more driving around "action figure hunting." Last I heard he was living out of state, "hoarding his Transformers."