Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mural Progress

Here's a shot of the mural art I'm designing minus the butterflies I will be adding. I did the illustrations by hand, then scanned, vectorized, and colorized them in Illustrator CS2. Not quite done, but it's on its' way.

And here's the preliminary sketches for the second and third mural. The subjects are David the shepherd boy, and Noah's Ark.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Art

Here's round 2 of some stuff for a possible nursery mural. The background and then some cutesy animals that wil be subsequently dropped in.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hell's Advice on Handling Your Sweet Moola

I'm the first to admit that I'm a complete tight-wad.

I'm also disorganized. I have a tendency to horde. I have a hard time getting my checkbook to balance. And though it'd pain me to give two thousand dollars to a church ministry, I'd have no problem dropping it in an instant to buy a new MacBook Pro.

I was recently rereading "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis and was struck by a chapter that I underlined the crap out of.

If you've never read the book, it's a series of letters a senior devil (Screwtape) writes to a junior devil (Wormwood) in attempting to show him the ropes of how to be a bad devil and lead a recent Chistian convert back out of "the enemy's camp." The book is written from the perspective of a devil. Therefore, God is referred to as "the enemy," Satan is referred to as "our father below," etc.

Anyways, back to me being a tight-wad. There's an excellent chapter in this book advising Wormwood how to tempt the man to think of time and money. It was a good reminder for me that I don't truly "Own" anything. Here's an excerpt that rang true:

The sense of ownership in general is always to be encouraged. The humans are always putting up claims to ownership which sound equally funny in Heaven and in Hell, and we must keep them doing so. Much of teh modern resistance to chastity comes from men's belief that they "own" their own bodies-those vast and perilous estates, pulsating with the energy that made the worlds, in which they find themselves without their consent and which they are ejected at the pleasure of Another! It is as if a royal child whom his father has placed, for love's sake, in titular command of some great province, under the real rule of wise counsellors, should come to fancy he really owns the cities, the forests, and the corn, in the same way as he owns the bricks on the nursery floor.