Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dead Guys That Inspire Me...

I had some spare time last weekend and since I have a show coming up in March, and because I was depressed about going back to the drawing board on some of my graphic novel stuff, I thought I'd just do some fun drawings with subject matter that really inspired me.

So, I picked three of my favorite dead guys: Edgar Allen Poe, Martin Luther, and J.S. Bach.

I love Poe for his morbidness and unhealthy fascination in the macabre.(I remember acting out a scene from The Tell-Tale Heart in a high school Lit class. We used a ketchup bottle for blood spurting effect and ruined my friend's uber-expensive Guess jeans).

I love J.S. Bach for the beauty, grace, and narrative that flows through his music and awakens his listeners to the highest standard of musical excellence.

And finally, I love Luther for his self-loathing, tormented conscience that led him to a magnificent understanding of God's unconditional love and fatherly grace on wretched,miserable, unworthy sinners such as myself.

Soli Deio Gloria.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dark Beginning

Here's the first look at the graphic novel I've begun working on. This is the chapter one introduction page (page 4 actually). Things are going a bit quicker than I had expected as I am setting small obtainable goals and only illustrating one chapter at a time.

As I type this, I've probably had about 9 hours of solid sleep in the last two days.. Funny, I'll peek at a page around 10:45 or so and then sit down to make a few tweeks and before I know it, it's 12:30a.m.

Hopefully have this sucker done within four months. We'll see.....