Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

Not really.

But it's fun to take old illustrations and rework them a bit. If you're growing as an artist, you should cringe sometimes when you look at some of your old work. However, as you may well know, digging out old artwork can be a source of new inspiration for the struggling artist.

Case in point. The following is an old illustration I did for my senior exhibit in college back in 1999. I actually started the drawing early in 1998. I was hanging out alot with a fellow artist named David Birkey who's stuff still blows me away. Anyhow, David does these killer landscapes that are rendered in a very non-painterly, detailed way. They're beautiful. So naturally, I tried to emulate his stuff and it turned out ok I suppose.

For this piece, the idea and the imagination trumps the actual piece. But there's still a weird vibrancy that I dug. As I was gathering some art for an exhibit I have in March I looked long and hard at this piece and decided to risk obliterating it by taking it out of the frame and tightening it up a bit.

The piece still isn't stunning. the light source isn't very dramatic, but it does look better. The landscape is a bit more defined and toned down, and I added some detail to the figures and architecture to make them pop a bit.

The piece is called "Battle Above the Great City." Enjoy.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Love Cyclopses

One of my favorite toys growing up was a Crossbows and Catapults playset that had a cyclops in it. You could put these little disks in it hands and then have him hurl it at your opponent's castle. That toy was partially responsible for my current love of cyclopses, that and the cheesey 80s sci-fi flik, Krull.

Here's a drawing I just finished last night. I based his likeness off of a famous professional wrestler from a couple of decades ago. If anyone can guess who it is, I may just do an original sketch for you....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wussy Angels

Have you ever wondered why angels are always pictured as blond wussy guys or fat little naked babies?

I have.

It amazes me that creatures to whom many were tempted to fall down and worship, or die in front of, are constantly portrayed as the most benign, peaceful creatures ever. A couple of Christmases ago, I decided to do something about this and illustrate aHeavenly messenger that might actually frightened someone. I decided to use the illustration for our family Christmas card design. Here's what I came up with...