Monday, August 20, 2007

Wizard World Chicago 2007

Well, one of the single most anticipated events of my Summer has come and gone. Two Thursdays ago me and my pals Ben and Jeff took a trip to Chicago and experienced Wizard World together. The word I keep choosing to describe it was overwhelming. All the things that I as a comic geek usually experiences in small doses were now being vomited at me by the visual truckload.

It was pretty cool.

Probably the best part was traveling with Ben and Jeff. I don't think I've ever talked action figures/80s cartoons with anybody like these dudes. And the funny thing, we talked meticulously about action figures pretty much all the way down and all the way back.

Friday, August 03, 2007


About two years ago I did this series of monster drawings for a good friend and former drawing professor at the college I attended. They were an absolute joy to do. They almost drew themselves.

They were inspired in part by a series of Universal Studios monster stamps released in the late 90s and some monster illustrations done by the great Basil Gogos.

As a kid, my imagination was completely captured by the remco monster action figures. I remember being a kindergartener and going to the store with my mom and finding the Frankenstein figure on the shelf staring at me.

Ahhhh memories.