Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Krampus on the Shelf


Landfill said...

So long ago, another century I think, my children enjoyed their Christmas eves in a house in Walden. Snug in their beds, they slept peacefully not knowing that a Resident Evil such as the Krampus was near. I read about this rascal in books and wondered. I often spoke of Krampus with my children and grandchildren and pasted pictures of him around the house warning them to be good. Decades later I see the truth has been revealed by my daughter's classmate, Tim. My 2012 Christmas present from my son Karl was the Night Before Krampus. Great artwork Tim. Nice scripting Ben.
Tim, your book is on my bookshelf next to Dicken's Christmas Carol. I'll be sure to get it out each year and read it to my family.
Merry Christmas.
Larry Landmeier

Tim Baron said...

Thank you so much Larry, best review we've read yet: )